Office of Michael McClure, M.D, Ph.D

Suncoast Psychiatric Medical Clinic, LLC

The first session with a new psychiatrist is frequently an anxiety-provoking occasion.  We hope that this over-view will help lessen some of that stress.

If you have not already done so, take a few minutes to read about our treatment philosophy.  Be assured that Dr. McClure and our staff will make every reasonable effort to treat you with respect and compassion.

The intake questionnaire is provided on this website.  Alternatively, you may arrive to the first appointment 15 or 20 minutes early and fill out the form in our waiting area.  We also have a release of information form on the website.  This authorizes us to obtain your records from previous mental health and medical providers. Dr. McClure will want to know about your history of mental health treatment, including any current and previous medications.  Information regarding any family mental health problems and treatment is often quite helpful.

Many people find that making a brief list of issues they would like to discuss during the session is very helpful.

You are welcome to bring a family member of close support with you to all or part of the initial session.  This source of support and additional information is often invaluable.  Bear in mind however, that this is your session, and we do not want to detract from that focus.

Dr. McClure will review your documents prior to your session.  It is therefore very important that everything is ready to go, so we can start your appointment on time.  Out of respect for our other clients, your session will end on time. 

Dr. McClure typically starts the session out with asking some general questions, such as, “What lead to your being here today?”  The goal is to facilitate your describing the situation in your own terms.  As the session progresses, his questions will become more focused to clarify pertinent specifics.  He will then provide a summary of his understanding to confirm the validity of the communication.  Finally, he will provide the pros and cons of various options available to you for further discussion. 

In certain circumstances, the presentation may be so complicated that an additional evaluation session may be requested.  More generally, Dr. McClure and you will develop an initial treatment plan, including therapeutic goals and medications, if indicated.  You will be provided with the opportunity to schedule your second session before you leave.